ReMaking Tesla – Practices that make a Genius is the International Forum of interactive and IT-Augmented Education. It consists of workshops, demonstrations, lectures, and discussions hеld by international educators, researchers and practitioners with the goal of re-making Tesla in teams and individuals.

ReMaking Tesla on Tour 2018

In the second year of the existence, ReMaking Tesla becomes fully international. We proudly initiated ReMaking Tesla on Tour 2018. As part of it our team realizes international projects, workshops and lectures at conferences and festivals have been organized in over 8 destinations in the world and Serbia. We promote Serbian experts in the field of IT technology, education, creativity and innovation, but also bring knowledge and experts from all over the world to Serbia. Follow us and contact us to participate in this process and improve yourselves through these interchange.

ReMaking Tesla 2017

ReMaking Tesla 2017  started as an interactive educational section of the international Tesla Congress (June 3rd, Sava Center) and extended across several days in cultural and educational spaces in Belgrade, Serbia.

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The program focuses on education and practicing skills and behaviours, together with values and visions, that enabled Tesla to conceive and create all his great contributions to humanity. By practicing these approaches, augmented by novel socio-technical ecosystems and cyber-infrastructure for holistic collaboration and collective intelligence, our goal is to empower participants to go along the ways of remaking a collective genius, a Collective Tesla.

Topics of the interest are: development of Collective Creativity and Innovation, Socio-IT Ecosystems, holistic practices for achieving collective and direct creativity, Collective Emotional Intelligence, novel ways of uniting education, technology, art and science.