Tesla was well known as a person with a wide knowledge across disciplines and capable of approaching problems in a holistic way. With socio-technical augmentation, we are aiming to remake those values and outcomes.

Tesla’s professional orientation and approach to any scientific and engineering challenge was deep-rooted in fundamental values of humanity and helping humanity.

In order to find novel modalities of helping society to evolve and reach Tesla’s visions, we are aiming to:

  • open novel ways of creation, innovation, education and design of the future
  • create an environment open for try-and-error experiments in innovation and creativity
  • augment society and increase collective intelligence and cooperation – multi sapiens
  • augment and innovate educational paths to foster education of new talents
  • practice Tesla’s principles and values in education
  • develop “Tesla-aligned” Incubator & Accelerator for teams and individuals
  • create Holistic/Multidisciplinary space for synergy of science, humanity, art, education, society, and spirituality
  • Co-create cultural and social good – empowerment of educators, creators of cultural and social good through Social Entrepreneurship by means of application of successful practices and tools from startup IT-scene and research

Tesla’s whole research and life could also provide an inspiration for reconsideration of global educational / informational / political goals – with reorientation towards holistic gentle actions for solutions of the ‘global risk society’. ” prof. D. Rakovic, co-organizer