ReMaking Tesla program is performed by domestic and international educators, who hold workshops around the globe, ranging from high-specialized events to big educational and innovation fairs and conferences (the photos in this document illustrate some of them).

ReMaking Tesla are interactive educational days conceived by the committee of Tesla Congress and ChaOS (formal representative of ProtopiaLab Serbia). ReMaking Tesla is designed and executed by domestic experts, professors and organizations of ProtopiaLab Serbia and Norway, ChaOS,  Protopia International, Knowledge Federation, and Plavo Theatre, with the support of local and international partners, educators, artists and experts.

Socio-technical ecosystem and cyberinfrastructure for ReMaking Tesla is provided by CoLabo (ChaOS, Serbia), Metaversity (Russia) and Induct (Norway) – as a set of technologies demonstrating and augmenting “collective genius” and innovation.

We welcome additional individuals, groups and institutions interested in recreating values of Tesla in our society.




If you want to work with us or to get any more info, please contact Chairs of the ReMaking Tesla:

Sinisha Rudan, Msc, +381 64 28 30738

Sasha Rudan, PhD Candidate, +381 64 31 000 51

or contact us at:

Partners, friends, institutions and organizations that support ReMaking Tesla


Министарство трговине, туризма и телекомуникација, Библиотека Града Београда, Универзитетска Библиотека, ДИС – Друштво за информатику Србије, Студентска унија Србије, Завод за проучавање културног развитка, Центар за развој каријере, Уједињена Србија, IT Academy, Protopia Labs, Knowledge Federation, Induct (Норвешка), Global Education Futures Forum, Плаво Позориште, Inverudio (USA), Амарант, Солинг (Русија), Ешер група (Русија), Ингриа – бизнис инкубатор (Русија), Метаверситет (Русија), ChaOS.