ReMaking Tesla 2019 comes this autumn with the motto "Technology & Education for Social Good"

After the 2018's ReMaking Tesla on Tour, ReMaking Tesla brings the international knowledge back to Belgrade, Serbia.
This year Technology & Education for Social Good will be aimed at solving sustainable development and climate challenges.

We ANNOUNCE strategic cooperation on pushing these challenges and solutions for Belgrade and Serbia further:
"ChaOS, NGO, ReMaking Tesla co-founding NGO, is selected to organize Climathon Belgrade"

Climathon is the largest climate action collective of its kind, uniting people and cities across the world in the thousands.

ReMaking Tesla and Climathon Belgrade team and partners will integrate efforts on training and supporting by IT solutions the teams that will solve Belgrade climate challenges. The focus will be on improving team capabilities (collective creativity, innovation, etc) for the main Climathon hackathon - developing strategic and interdisciplinary thinking, out-of-the-box, creative approaches, forecasting, etc.

ReMaking Tesla and ChaOS develop a space, an ecosystem for teams to solve complex, interdisciplinary problems. Climate and sustainable development-related problems in the Anthropocene era are of this kind.
Our team and our partners have focused for years on Climathon-related sustainable development and Eco issues, more of which at

Climathon Belgrade & ReTesla @ Global Climate Strike